Che Bella Nota – Joyful Cards Designed by Teri Nelson Kuster

Delightful, richly colored illustrations combine with simple from-the heart, hand-lettered messages to enhance the joyful feeling of my Che Bella Nota cards.  These cards will enchant you and linger in your mind, providing a wonderful way for you to share moments of joy with others.  Come and enjoy my “Cards to capture the hearts of those you love!” – they truly are “Heart catchers”!   See my Gallery for a tempting sample of my enchanting cards displayed here on this website.

All of Che Bella Nota’s colorful and joyful cards can be found in the Che Bella Nota Shop on the online card site of Greeting Card Universe at this link: Greeting Card Universe/Che Bella Nota.  Viewing my cards couldn’t be easier – just use the Search function to the left of the Che Bella Nota Shop Home Page to search for the category of cards you are seeking and then enjoy viewing each brightly colored illustration and touching sentiment on each card in that category.


The Che Bella Nota Shop on the Zazzle/Che Bella Nota website, offers an abundance of my whimsical mugs, aprons, magnets and other Che Bella Nota gifts – all of which also contain my unique designs and brilliant color schemes.