I purchased several different cards and have been using them this week.  The quality of the card stock, the vibrance and sharpness of the four color press, and the perfect artistry have been impressive! More than I expected!  Teri, how often can a customer make that statement?  But, with the cards that arrived are all just a great way to show those that will receive them, that I hold them in high regard as the quality of the card speaks as much as my sentiments. Thanks Teri!  Thank you so very, very much!

Skye Shaughnessy Chokel  May 17, 2013


Teri, your simple but rich designs are definitely heart catchers!
Love your art, Sandy

Sandy Robertson October 7, 2012

Your cards are beautiful Teri. Beautiful and creative.

Dawn Wells Peters  February 5, 2012


Really cute card Teri.  (I’ll be home for Christmas)

Greeting Card Universe Review Team  November 28, 2011 


Such a delightful card!  (Tis the season)

Greeting Card Universe Review Team  November 26, 2011 


Adorable card. (It’s Time for Santa)

Greeting Card Universe Review Team  November 26, 2011 


Cuuuuute!  Could your new cards be any cuter?!  I am absolutely in love!  Just wanted to let you know how great they are!

Laura L.    November 6, 2011  


Your style is darling…I personally LOVE your handlettering.

Mindy R.  November 3,2011 


Big thumbs up, Teri! I got such positive feedback from the first card I sent…and I am excited for the rest to be received.  The designs are great, and so simple to do.

For this person who admits to not sending cards because of the hassle factor in it, you have created a site that works for me.  And you are stamping and sending the cards!

You have managed to fix all my excuses!

Lindy Dawson     November 2, 2011  


Your work is wonderful!!

Judy E.  White, ABR, CRS, GRI, SRES   September 26, 2011

I looked at your site and you are truly talented.  Beautiful cards!

Dawn Wells Peters      August 18, 2011


Delightful card designs Teri! Looking forward to seeing
more of your colorful, whimsical and so much fun designs!

Cherie       August 15, 2011
Google: Cherie’s Art                                                                 


Che Bella Nota designs are a wonderful diverse collection of cards for everyone to send that special sentiment to touch those people who mean so much to us.

Teri’s designs have a fun and active motion to them that say we are today and we relate to you.

Bill Leonard      August 15, 2011


Thank you!  You have created a beautiful card!

Greeting Card Universe Card Review Team     August 7, 2011


I’m loving your cards…they are just great.  Looking forward to seeing more wonderful cards.

Laura J. Holman     July 19, 2011       The Art of Laura J Holman