3 New Websites for Che Bella Nota!

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Che Bella Nota cards has recently opened three new websites with cards that share specific themes. I’m having alot of fun with these sites and already have them up and running. Please stop by soon to take a look. All of my new sites have the word cards in their names spelled with a Z – a fun and unique characteristic they all share.

My first new site is called Halloweencardz – (with a Z). This site is filled with Che Bella Nota Halloween cards and invitations, with the guest appearance of some special cards by other artists. Come by for a look at some spooky cards at http://www.halloweencardz.com!

My second new website is called Holidaycardz – (again with a Z).  This site is overflowing with Che Bella Nota Holiday cards and invitations for Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays, with some special cards created by other artists.  Drop by the following link to see all the cards lined up for you for this holiday season!  http://www.holidaycardz.com

My third new website is called Cardz for Business (CardzforBusiness) and is an wonderful collection of modern and up to date Business cards that have been created with a design flair and are sure to improve your business communication, whether you are a small business, a corporation or a self-employed consultant looking for something new and different to catch your clients and associates attention.  Find these outstanding Che Bella Nota business related cards at http://www.cardzforbusiness.com



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